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Canceled Orders and Website Updates

Hi everyone, thanks for checking on the new website.  The launch has been a long time coming, and it is finally here.  We had stopped updating the old site last year as we began planning this new site, and we are way behind in providing you options and details about all of our new and best selling products.  The new page looks great and allows both of us to find what we need, and learn more in the process.  But, it appears that when we switched over to the new site and added the web store portion, we broke our little corner of the internet.

Some of you  are having your orders canceled after going through the entire selection and purchase process.  Such a frustrating experience!!  I must apologize for this, rest assured “it’s not you, it’s me.”

For the time being, we have turned off ordering by changing the status of all inventory items to Sold Out.  This prevents new orders so that we don’t duplicate the issue.  If you had your order canceled and have not had an email from us, one is coming.

We are working as fast as we dare to get things updated, fully functional, properly laid out and all of our ever-expanding product offerings up for sale.

A couple of things we still need to add:

We will start selling individual hardware supplies soon.  Customized for each upper optic mount type, you can get exactly what you need for a very affordable price.

We will also be adding a section for cosmetic seconds soon.  These items will be very limited stock, and sold at a substantial discount off of MSRP.  If you want them, grab them while they are available as they will go fast and are obviously not a regularly stocked item.

We are working hard to get this fixed and hope to have the store back up and running soon!

Scot Hoskisson


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