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Enjoy the Freedom of this great nation!

I am writing you in anticipation of our first full RS vacation in over a year.  We plan to spend the 4th and the following week away from email/phone calls, shipments, development etc.  As I am proud of the level of service we normally provide, I think its fair you get a bonus for us not being around to help.  Use FREEDOM for 10% off everything in the store until the 16th.  Its a small reminder that where we live, what we do and how we can enjoy life are precious things that are not free.  Many have sacrificed long hours, future lives and lost friends/family/spouses/sons and daughters etc.  Its not fair and nothing we do can fix that, but we can live each day in a way that would make them smile.  Go out, enjoy this great nation.  Say hello to others, smile.  Push constantly for the truth and right will prevail.  Evil people will continue to do evil things, but they will only win if good people stop being good.

If your a sheep dog – keep your eyes and ears on a swivel, sharpen those claws and teeth.

Head up, shoulders back.  Keep up the great work!

Enjoy the freedoms you and others have obtained.


Scot Hoskisson


RS Regulate